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Deanston 2007 15 Year Old Tequila Cask Finish, 52.5% abv



An experimental, limited-edition release, this 15-year-old Tequila Cask Finish celebrates spirit with true highland character.  Finished in hand-selected casks that once held Agave Tequila from the Jaliscan Highlands in Mexico, this is a fruity, floral dram with sweet, warming notes.


This limited-edition release was originally matured in traditional Oak hogsheads before being finished in Agave Tequila casks.


The tequila used to create this expression originally held high-quality 100% agave tequila produced from 7-8 year-old Agave tequilana var. Weber (blue agave) grown exclusively in the Altos (Highlands) region of Jalisco. Tequilas from the Highlands, such as this, are known for their more fruity and floral character.


The casks held the same style of tequila for four to five fills, being disgorged both as Reposado (aged for just under one year) and Añejo (aged up to 3 years).


The fruity floral notes delivered from this cask selection complements the citrusy, waxy versatile character of Deanston beautifully.