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Jingying Baijiu 50cl, 53% abv

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Jing Ying Baijiu also known as “Jing Ying Jiang Jiu” is a Sauce Aroma (“Jiang Xiang”) flavoured source spirits that originated from the town of Moutai, in the north of Guizhou province. Being considered a top-grade Baijiu, the spirit is distilled from the premium quality of Renhuai city’s high-quality glutinous sorghum, wheat, and water from Chishui River as raw materials by utilizing the unique natural environment and adopting scientific and unique traditional crafts that had been honed over 5000 years.

It has the characteristics of outstanding sauce fragrance, elegant, and delicate, full-bodied, lingering aftertaste, and lasting fragrance. Over the years of Chinese history, the spirit has become a medium to convey the essence of oriental culture.