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Killahora Bottle Conditioned Pet-Nat Dry Bittersweet Cider, 6% abv

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This is a wild fermented, bottle conditioned and dry cider made from a blend of our bittersweet apples pressed in 2020, and aged in a Killahora Pom’O Cask to give extra depth. It is made from 100% juice, is unfiltered and bottled with a hint of ice wine to give it a light pet-nat sparkle.


This is a real expression of our natural terroir and will appeal to those who may enjoy other wild fermented liquids such as lambic beer especially Oude gueze, and natural wines. The complexity that can come from ciders such as these will undoubtedly surprise and delight those who try it.


Tasting Notes:
Sparkling and pale yellow, cloudiness at finish with natural sediment
Summer apple softness, baked brioche, lots of oak barrel character with subtle hints of aged whiskey and a white pepper finish with some characteristic wild fermented notes.


Lightly chilled as a complex sipper or goes with almost any food!


Serve with cooked meats, oily fish or roasted vegetables. A real food all rounder given its balance of acidity and tannins!







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