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Lagg Inaugural Release Batch #3 Ex-Red Wine Charred Casks, 50% abv

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Lagg is a newly opened distillery on the South Isle of Arran that was built in 2017, some 22 years after Arran distillery opened at Lochranza on the north side of the island. While Arran’s classic whisky style is unpeated,  they distill a small amount of peated malt every year for its Machrie Moor expression. In opening Lagg distillery on the south side of the island, Isle of Arran Distillers will shift all production of peated whisky to its new site, a distillery that will be dedicated to the exploration of peat. The Inaugural Releases are the first 3 batches of whisky to ever be bottled at the newly opened distillery. They introduce Lagg’s signature house style, a heavily peated whisky, made using barley with a phenol content of 50ppm.

Colour: Yellow Gold/Old Gold.

Nose: Light intensity. Earthy peat with some light minerality and a hint of oak.

Palate: Thick, mouth coating. More of the peat comes through on the mouthfeel. There is a sweetness. Lots of berries maybe some dark fruit. Some more herbaceous notes in the background.

Finish: Medium. More peat, nice balance with a little pinch of saltiness.