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Three Ships 12 Years Old, 46.3% abv

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This is the first release in the Master Distiller’s Private Collection.

Distilled from 35ppm barley (Scottish sourced peated barley) in 2007, coming off the stills at around 68% ABV. The master distiller, Andy Watts, selected a combination of older and younger small American oak casks to mature the whisky in, 90% refill and 10% first fill. South Africa’s climate ensured that the whisky was still around 65% after 12 years. It was then bottled as a 12YO at Distell’s ‘standard ABV’ of 46.3% unchill filtered at natural colour.

Although the warmer South African climate results in a much higher Angel’s Share, the accelerated interaction between the spirit, cask and atmosphere, give rise to a spectacular single malt with depth of flavour, balance and extraordinary smoothness.

Tasting Notes :
Layers of shortbread, dried fruit, soft leather, cherries, roasted nuts with notes of floral and mocha unravel on the nose.
The evident smoky, peaty influence is complemented by pepper, dried peaches, citrus, hints of Christmas Pudding and an earthiness that reminds of a pine forest.
The finish is warm, creamy and savoury with delicate liquorice that lingers in the mouth.