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Tipperary 2017 Home Grown Barley Port Cask, 50% abv



Our whiskey comes directly from the spring barley grown on our Farm at Ballindoney in County Tipperary, Ireland. This land and crops have been cared for and harvested by the Ahearn family for generations. Our malted barley was triple-distilled by our distiller Stuart Nickerson in copper pot stills at another Irish distillery, giving a young, vibrant spirit that is truly representative of our land and Tipperary.



Grown in a single field on our farm, called “Railway Line”, location 52.35394, -7.84978, sitting at an elevation of 255.9 feet. Our barley enjoyed 2136.58 hours of daylight and 288.4mm of rain before it was harvested. On that sunny harvest day our yield was 8.45 tonne per hectare with a harvest moisture of 18.5%.



Our barley was malted in Inverness on 05/06/2017.



42 tonnes of our malting barley was mashed in 13 batches. Fermentation began on 19/06/2017 and lasted 72 hours and then distillation started.



The majority of maturing took place on our own Ballindoney farm, the first whisky matured in Tipperary for over 100 years.



No chill filtration, colouring or additives used.