Glenglassaugh Evolution, 50% abv

Glenglassaugh Evolution, 50% abv

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Glenglassaugh 'Evolution' is created by maturing the whisky in a unique combination of the finest hand-picked Tennessee first-fill whiskey barrels. The result is a superbly well-balanced single malt whisky, and this is achieved through the perfect marriage of maturing Highland malt whisky in traditionally charred American oak casks. 

Color : Crisp harvest gold.

Nose : A luscious syrupy combination of sweet barley, delicate pineapple and waves of soft buttery vanilla. Deeper oak spices and caramelized pear develop and warm the nose. 

Palate : Robust, white peppery oak floods through crisp green apple and freshly cracked barley. A gentle salted caramel emerges alongside hints of ripe banana and fruit salad syrup.

Finish : A vibrant combination of classic oak spices an delicate soft fruits surrounded by fragrant waves of vanilla pod.

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