Tomintoul Tlàth, 40% abv

Tomintoul Tlàth, 40% abv

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Tlàth is pronounced “Tlah” and is Gaelic meaning – gentle, mellow. This description mirrors the term “the gentle dram” which is used on all editions of Tomintoul.

Tomintoul Tlàth is the result of a very careful selection of individual casks. The hand-chosen collection consists of whiskies of various ages matured in first-class American oak bourbon barrels.

Colour : Golden straw.

Nose : Quintessentially Speyside. Light with some sweet toffee and vanilla and hints of mint leaf and citrus peel.

Palate : Light and creamy. Lively white pepper and some oak-driven spiciness dance on the tongue with background layers of nutmeg and toasted vanilla.

Finish : Spicy with notes of shortbread and fresh mint.

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